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Blog on Jaibheem Trust by Thomas Joseph (Secretory)


Vizhinjam seaport is an all-weather port located on Southern tip of Indian Peninsula, which is gifted with a natural seawater depth of up to 30 m as close as one nautical mile from the seacoast which will enable it attract the largest container vessels of 25 to 50 motherships in which goods can be exported and imported easily. It has a strategic importance due to its location, and about 100s of boats can be visited once. Presently 96% of Indian goods and freight are favored by foreign countries. Recently it has changed by this source for traveling shipment, marine, small boats, sailing ships etc.

Vizhinjam seaport is capable for using 'diving' and people make extra advantage for arranging marriages under sea water for making it unforgettable. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer who gained knowledge from all over the world and well known personality. In this situation we were decided to establish Dr.B.R.Ambedkar's huge statue at this seaport. Advice and upgrades for this great project is given by the central government's social, welfare and justice minister Sri.Ramdas Athawale.

One of the important place where St.Thomas visited when he stepped in Kerala is the place where Karamana river joined with sea. After that they constructed a statue of St.Thomas and the world famous carnival of applying gold chain in the 14ft statue of St.Thomas was celebrated yearly. At that era, about 219 European families were settled there and the land also owned by them. The boats and ships with fragrance substances (സുഗന്തദ്രവ്യം) from Europe were afraid to come because of sea-vulture, storm and natural disasters at that period. ‌History says, golds and diamonds for Jarusalem church was bought from the well-known merchandise there. ‌At the era when transportation was difficult at Padmanabha Swami temple the land was used for floriculture, hence Ananthapadmanabha was named as 'poonthura'.

In later years after trades started people left these lands and depends thovalai like Tamilnadu marketing, thus it lost its importance. This place is available for fishery. Grandfather of managing trusty was an important person in East India company and Travancore. He has a great personality and kept good relationship with Dr.Ambedkar. ‌Presently at this land, people from different sectors are coming forward to introduce the concept of establishing statue is an afflicting thing. During the year 2000 itself our Minister had already introduced this concept in the middle of this river and Arabian sea. The sea was full of hills in the old era. The old generation believed that there was a stone had ceased St Thomas's feet. From ancient times till 1968 it was a very important gateway between the cobbled river to the S.M Lock. At this Lock of Travancore the boats coming for freight and other big boats of freestyle groceries were allowed only after strictly examine. The ancient Travancore army and the Kalari Sangha were camped on this river bank. Today, this area has become as St.Philomina's School and Police station.